Restructuring is one of the common practices of the contemporary business world. For various reasons, including insolvency and bankruptcy, companies might transform and thus reorganize the corporate structure or they may just need to restructure their debts.

Restructuring is a very vital and delicate process which requires a well-coordinated advice, since performance and functionality of the organizations are closely linked with its structure that shall be designed to achieve the best business objectives. Any deviation from the best first step might eventually lead to a chain of failures.

In this regard, having a wide range of experience and expertise, dedicated GSI teams offer a collective insight and perspective to its clients through effective and expedient plans in their stressful times, to achieve their business goals by minimizing costs, enhancing value and properly positioning and prioritising themselves for the future.

Our clients going through restructuring are mainly in distressed situations, which may include a change of board managements, creditors, investors or major changes in ownership and share-holding. As GSI, we assist our clients in restructuring process both in and out of court. We provide solutions to our clients in order to achieve their required commercial outcome on a national and international basis.

Along with wide ranging capabilities and general advice on financial recapitalizations, business reorganizations and liquidations or insolvency issues in both corporate and financial transactions, we are well experienced in all aspects of distressed debt trading and restructuring of collateral debts just as we are well versed in spin-off practices after new Turkish Commercial Law entered into force.

Restructuring often requires working alongside with specialists in related practice areas such as finance, real estate, tax and capital markets to provide a complete assistance to our clients and we work with trusted advisors in these areas. On the other hand, we have successfully collaborated with the clients’ own team of advisors as well.