Recruitment Policies

As an ethical and professional commitment, GSI holds an equal opportunity policy that disregards any form of discrimination, based on gender, religion, ethnicity, age, belief, ideology or culture. We seek to identify applicants as the best candidates based on their talent, knowledge, hard-work, motivation and commitment.

We also value diversity and inclusion of different perspectives in the firm that would eventually enrich and empower us.

Since GSI believes in the impact of firm culture in its success, in-breeding is an important part of GSI recruitment policy. In GSI, we invest in our interns and their trainings, as our main resources of recruitments especially with regard to new-starting positions. On the other hand, we see it highly crucial to support and renew the team in senior positions with those who have different experiences to maintain the dynamism.

Along with the announcement of the open position, Human Resources Department evaluates the possibility of an internal transfer or promotion by assessing the qualifications of the internal applications.

Application/Invitation: Candidates can apply for the open position by sending a letter of intent and CV to HR department, either by mail or online application. Among the applicants, those who satisfy the requirements of the position will be invited for the initial assessment.

Initial written assessments: Initial assessment is done in two steps: First, proficiency in legal English is tested and then the legal knowledge and skills are being assessed. Candidates are first asked to translate a text of legal content from Turkish into English. Next, they are asked to write either a petition or legal opinion in a given case or review an actual agreement draft.

Short-list Interviews and Offer: Successful and short-listed candidates are invited for interviews with the partner or the senior executive of the team that the candidate is expected to join.

After the relevant partner nominates the candidate for the position, the nominated candidate would meet the Managing partner, who would make the ultimate job offer.

Successful applicants shall receive the final offer within 15 days of the first meeting.


GSI offers the newcomers a detailed onboarding program which includes welcoming and introduction as well as the orientation sessions about the office in general, office manual that describes every conduct and process at GSI, GSI automation system, IT systems, administrative and procedural responsibilities of GSI members.