In corporate life, labor and employment matters form a substantial part of routine work, and their scope has expanded in parallel with increasing complexities in the business world. Therefore, it is both a routine and dynamic process to navigate through complex labor and compliance regulations safely, which is crucial for companies to achieve their business goals. This is even more critical for foreign companies investing abroad, as they must meet different sets of regulations and standards.

GSI advises and represents clients across the entire spectrum of employment and labor issues. Our practice concentrates on three dimensions, the first being conventional areas such as preparing employment contracts, dealing with wrongful terminations, discrimination, and mobbing claims. GSI provides employment law counseling on complex and sophisticated corporate/transactional employment matters and tailor-made assistance in employment law and social security law matters. We offer legal support by reviewing and drafting employment agreements, subcontracting agreements, and agreements for temporary employment relations, internal regulations, consulting on termination, resignation, reemployment processes, and providing legal consultancy to Human Resources departments in cases of collective redundancy. We also handle work permit applications and residency for non-citizen clients and advise on compliance issues as preventive measures, including health and safety, environment, and similar issues. We establish in-house compliance systems, policies, procedures, and their manual guidelines.

GSI keeps clients up to date with memorandums on recent legislation amendments, detailed legal evaluations of Business Conduct Guidelines, and day-to-day consultancy on complex legal issues. We also advise on labor law consequences of company acquisitions and workplace transfers. Our specific expertise includes labor relations and negotiations with unions, particularly in collective bargaining and protecting labor rights in acquisitions and privatizations.

Additionally, GSI provides HR training to company managers, covering major employment law issues and human resources topics.

Furthermore, GSI publishes 'Articletter,' an academic journal that includes articles on labor law and other subjects, to inform and empower clients with valuable information.