Paralegals play an important role in legal profession. As an integral part of the legal team committed to our vision, paralegals provide critical support to our attorneys, enabling them to better assist clients. Paralegals work directly with partners and associates in either corporate or litigation departments.

In corporate departments, paralegals assist attorneys in due diligence processes, including research, document collection, and classification. They also contribute to our customized data room service, iGSI, by managing and classifying documentation in both real and digital settings.

In litigation departments, paralegals provide support in each phase of the litigation process, from managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, including their registration and follow-up, to court filings. They often deal with court bureaucracy that requires a solid understanding of document types, court rules and filing processes. They also play an instrumental role in researching virtual databases and reviewing documents to facilitate the assembly of electronic data and paper files.

A talented paralegal with dedication, strong attention to detail, and high organizational skills can offer invaluable support to our associates and partners. Our team of around 10 paralegals is doing exactly that.