Turkey has been running a substantial privatization program that was put in place in the recent years and has witnessed significant privatization projects which played a great role in certain major sectors such as energy, banking and finance, media and telecommunication, transportation and defense industry, through usage of various different methods such as share transfer, asset transfer, leasing or granting operational rights or other profit sharing models.

GSI has gained a unique experience in these processes by taking part on both sides of the table in different cases which equipped it with a great insight into the privatization strategies of the governmental authorities and the expectations of the sector players at the same time. GSI has represented its clients at every stage of privatization, including, without limitation, preparing due diligence reports, conducting on-site investigations and researches on registry offices and local courts, assisting in the course of negotiation with the relevant governmental authorities, preparing information memoranda, assisting regarding tender specifications, reviewing and preparing of data room documentation, assisting tendering governmental authorities such as Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, Privatization Administration, municipalities, assisting the clients in their applications to Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and preparing other tender documents. GSI has represented the sector leading clients in almost all privatization cases of state-owned electricity distribution companies in the last few years and is still acting as the sole advisor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the privatization of one of the biggest natural gas distribution companies of Turkey.