Unexpected crisis events such as publicly announced criminal indictments, major work related accidents, discovery of financial statement errors, reports of product defects, corporate governance or compliance failure or negative conventional and social media campaign against individuals or organizations can be a very delicate matter. Management of such times is very critical for the clients, since giving an untimely, inappropriate, inadequate response or remaining without any response might deepen the existing crises to insoluble situations and lead to destabilization of the organizations.

Occurrence of a crisis event can affect many aspects of a business and therefore its effective management is crucial to organizations in every sector. Effective crisis management requires high ability of well-established coordination and communication among multi-disciplined teams and development of a strategic management plan and leadership to deal with various aspects of the crisis, including taking immediate and coordinated legal actions, as well as managing crisis communication process with governmental agencies, stakeholders and the media.

In this regard, GSI has a very successful history of representing its clients in such crises as we have a very strong team of crisis management who dealt with many high profile crises that became headlines throughout the country in recent years which is what appeals most to our clients. We immediately respond to crises by strategically managing and optimizing the clients’ outcome from such a crisis event.

As GSI, our main objectives include assisting our clients in managing the situation they face and preventing or avoiding any problems as to their reputation and long term business plans. For this reason, we continue to assist our clients after the conclusion of a crisis event and through our support they proceed while minimizing potential risks.