Joining the Firm in 2018, Mr. Comert focuses on energy law in addition to corporate and commercial law. He has provided legal consultancy services to many national and multinational clients companies in various sectors, from several sectors including energy, aviation, private security, construction and information technology and represented them in their both local and cross-border transactions.

He is particularly specialized in natural gas energy and provided several natural gas import companies with legal counselling in their contract related international and national disputes, day to day affairs, business needs, corporate correspondences with other companies in natural gas sector and official correspondences with Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

He drafted, reviewed, negotiated with external parties and executed all types of commercial contracts such as confidentiality, sale, supply, service, private security, design, construction and maintenance contracts.

Moreover, leading the preparation and negotiation processes of maintenance and support services agreements for the maintenance of the integrated IT systems allowed him in-depth knowledge in IT projects. Similarly, he has a strong insight in security service projects which is gained through his experience of leading the preparation and negotiation processes of security service contracts and from his day to day counselling with respect to relevant private security legislation in Turkey.