Ms. Sümer is a litigation lawyer with a particular experience on Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, Civil Law, Labor Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Administrative Law, Rental Law and Media Law practice. She is also highly involved in due diligence processes of Mergers & Acquisitions from litigation perspective.

Ms. Sümer has also earned the right to register as a trademark attorney after successfully completing the thorough requirements of the Turkish Patent Institute in 2005. She has worked as a Senior Associate in a leading maritime law firm for seven years between 2006-2013 in which she particularly focused on the practice of Law of Obligations, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law and Maritime Labor Law, Law of Contracts, Real Estate Law and Law of Business Associations and she also offered services to highly reputable maritime companies in their sectors including the biggest naval shipyards of Turkey.

Throughout her career, Ms. Sümer has successfully advised and represented many high-profile clients before courts, be it individuals or companies. As she has been involved in many different aspects of dispute resolution, she provides legal service in a broad scope which assist her clients to prevent potential disputes beforehand. Due to her experience in practice, Ms. Sümer also offers an insight to her clients in terms of potential outcomes of the dispute resolution as well as the potential approaches to specific conflicts.

During her professional career, she has been involved in real estate purchase and sale transactions as well as mortgage transactions before land registry offices. Ms. Sümer has experience in rental law practice as well. She has drafted many rental and lease agreements, whereas she has also advised and represented clients in eviction actions before courts.

She is also a member of GSI Reporting Management Board.