Ms Doğan who is a partner of GSI Projects and Project Finance Department focuses on the project development and finance practice as well as the transactions of banking, finance and capital market. As a project finance specialist, Ms Doğan represents parties on every side of the transactions- leading project sponsors, lenders, equipment suppliers, infrastructure funds, public sector entities – in many sectors, which involve financing and structuring of complex project arrangements. She also represents them before the authorities such as Turkish Competition Board, BRSA. She is regularly engaged in negotiating joint ventures, concessions or other development and financing agreements. Ms. Doğan also provides comprehensive counseling on local regulations relating to banking, securities, stock exchange matters and other financial products and transactions, actively advising clients on the legislative developments in financial markets.

Ms. Doğan’s renowned experience in project finance include drafting implementation contracts, incorporation and structuring of SPVs, assisting in arranging, negotiating and financial closing of facility agreements as well as security agreements, direct agreements, shareholder support agreements and debt assumption agreements. With respect to the projects she is involved in, she also advises sponsors and lenders with all project-related transactions such as consultancy agreements, supply and service contracts, subcontracting agreements and the like. She has recently represented the concession holder of one of the biggest infrastructure projects not only in Turkey but also in Europe and Middle East, in all project financing related matters. Ms Doğan provides following services briefly; understanding the volume of the project, analyzing the risks involved in the projects and minimizing them, detecting any peculiarities of the project which need consideration, designating the financial requirements for the project, forecasting the expected revenues, mediating between the administration and project company for the benefit of the client from the beginning of the project to the end.

As a well-versed expert in financial law and capital markets, she also provides a thorough legal consultancy in incorporation, acquisition and daily corporate transactions of banks, private equities, hedge funds and other financial institutions.