Ms. Arık, who has been in GSI since January 2022, continues to work as a Lawyer from the beginning of 2022 until this August, and as a Senior Lawyer in the Litigation Department at GSI since August. In addition to the legal knowledge, skills and experience, she has displayed in her professional life of nearly 3 years, she has the ability to work with different people and different cities where worked in another culture and in line with her education life, to take part in a team and to produce together, as a person who loves her job and cares about details, in a short time in her professional life she has gained a broad perspective and competence in terms of solution-orientednes.


During her time as a lawyer at GSI, he succeeded in being promoted to the position of senior lawyer in a short period of 7 months, as a result of her devoted work in the management of alternative resolution processes, especially in the follow-up of cases and works in the field of Commercial Law, as well as in-team organization and operation management. In addition, she continues to effectively use legal software that has GSI standards and has been developed with advanced technology, and successfully integrates the benefits of the digital age with the legal profession, thanks to its command of these systems and its ability to blend theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and technology.


Before joining GSI, she provided consultancy services to the organized industry regional directorates and foreign trade companies affiliated to these regional directorates, which are important organizations of industry and trade associations, as well as consulting to municipalities and their subsidiaries in which she particularly focused on the practice of Law of Obligations, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law and Law of Contracts, Real Estate Law and Law of Business Associations. In addition, Ms. Arık has undertaken the duties of writing articles for law journals and a member of the journal’s editorial board within the scope of her social skills activities.


In her professional life of about three years, Ms. Arık; She practising focused on the scope of Corporate and Commercial Law, Energy Law, Labor Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law and Construction and Real Estate Law.