Having started Marmara University Faculty of Law in 2015, Atty. Büşra Akkaya Şahinoğlu graduated from the faculty with a high grade point average and graduated as an Honor Student. While studying at the Faculty of Law, her also studied International Relations at Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics, as a secondary university education. After starting her career as a trainee lawyer, Atty. Büşra Akkaya Şahinoğlu was ranked 65th in the 2017 Ministry of Justice Judicial Judgeship and Prosecutor’s Office Exam, which she entered to try herself in terms of knowledge after her internship.


Afterwards, Mr. Şahinoğlu, who wanted to advance in the legal profession, worked at Arslan Law Office for nearly 5 years, first as in positions as associate and senior associate, and managed all the legal and administrative affairs of the office during this time. While working as a lawyer, he also completed his master’s degree in Private Law from Marmara University Social Sciences Institute.


Working as a litigation and consultancy in the fields of private law and public law at Arslan Law Office, Atty. Büşra Akkaya Şahinoğlu also provided consultancy services to many large companies in the field of personal data protection law. Since the beginning of legislation and practices regarding the protection of personal data in Turkey, Mr. Şahinoğlu has carried out numerous studies on the protection of personal data.


He currently provides litigation and consultancy services in the fields of private law, public law and personal data protection law as a senior lawyer within the body of Göksu Safi Işık Attorney Partnership.