Banu Mert is an expert in labor law; she also has extensive knowledge and experience in company law, commercial law, law of obligations and real estate law. Banu Mert mostly works with the clients who are in the sectors of construction, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, automotive and media. She is also a member of GSI Human Resources Board.

Banu Mert has a deep expertise employment matters as well as occupational health and safety issues which are very important for business life. She provides day-to-day legal assistance to the clients regarding in every aspect of labor law including but not limited to preparation of employment contracts, internal directives/regulations and workplace safety guidelines, advising and preparing all documents with respect to individual and collective dismissals and representing the clients in collective bargaining negotiations with the unions as well as giving periodical trainings to the management and HR departments of the client companies.

In addition to her strong involvement in various employment matters of the clients, she has also provided general consultancy and made all the required applications regarding taking over all assets and liabilities of some major media outlets; performed the transactions and obtained the required permissions of the Competition Authority for companies in media and pharmaceutical sectors; participated in conduction of due diligence reports for some major acquisition and privatization cases in energy, automotive, media and pharmaceutical industries. Without limitation in addition to the above areas, Banu Mert has also provided day-to-day corporate consultancy on a retainer basis to numerous clients and legal assistance on drafting and negotiating all kinds of commercial contracts as well as real estate acquisition and leasing contracts. She is a highly valued legal consultant with the commercial companies in her portfolio, all satisfied with day-to-day legal assistance and protection of their interests.