Mr. Şentarhanacı is a corporate law with a focus on contracts, energy and competition laws . He worked with national and multinational clients from many sectors including energy and construction.

In this context, Mr. Şentarhanacı provides commercial and institutional consultancy at almost every stage of a company’s businesses in various subjects including company establishment, mergers and acquisition, joint ventures and strategic collaborations, negotiations, preparation, examination and giving of opinion on commercial contracts in a wide range of subjects, making of legal research, preparing of legal reports, giving of legal opinions, following legislation and carrying out all kinds of procedures before relevant authorities.

He gained experience in the Turkish natural gas market by assisting the management of the relationship between an upstream gas supplier and five Turkish gas importers as well as conducting the communications of such importers with their customers. He has also been engaged in the drafting and revision processes of a natural gas supply contract. He is involved in five arbitration cases under SCC and UNCITRAL rules regarding a dispute arisen from the price revision clause in natural gas supply contracts.

He is also proficient in contract management processes in rental areas such as shopping malls or airports. In this context, he has experience in processes such as the preparation and negotiation of lease contracts and provides all kinds of consultancy services to his clients regarding rental law..