Together with his outstanding competency in private law including the compensation law, Mr. Işık has been primarily focused on intellectual and industrial property rights and practiced in this field along with that of dispute resolution for around fifteen years. In the field of intellectual property, he has drafted many agreements regarding various intellectual property matters and has been heavily involved in litigation, penalty, conflict, and compensation cases as well as negation trials and cases to repeal administrative decisions in the field of intellectual property. Also, he is well versed in pursuing arbitration process as well as court cases and administrative cases in international scale on domain name disputes. He is highly involved in due diligence processes in terms of litigation perspective and specialized in the examination within the framework of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Along with experience in dispute resolution and general advise, he also pursued various transactions of clients before the administrative institutions, Turkish Patent Institute, General Directorate of Cinema and Copyrights and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and World Intellectual Property Organization, such as the registration or pursuit of transactions in order to protect the rights of the beneficiaries or the cancellation of the unwarranted applications made by third parties. He also offers services to respond to objections made by the third parties during the trademark registration process.

In addition to his expertise in local trademark registration process before Turkish Patent Institute, Mr. Işık also provides services for international registrations of the trademarks as he advises his clients thoroughly on the application process as well as the registration process. With his experience in international trademark registrations, he advises and represents clients in order to overturn local trademark and patent offices’ refusal decisions by providing amendments on the classification of goods and services as well as exclusions.