Mr. Cakir, who is registered in Istanbul Bar Association and Turkish Bar Association, is a litigation and arbitration lawyer and has a focus on Labor Law, Media Law, Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, Intellectual Property Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Administrative Law, Tender Law and Civil Law. As a senior associate who has been with the firm since 2014, he has provided legal services for highly reputable and leading clients in their respective industries including but not limited to the sectors such as automotive, media, communication technology, clothing, stock exchange, pharmaceutical and construction.

He has been highly involved in day to day operations of his clients’ dispute resolution processes by providing a unique perspective and alternative options. Together with the representation of high profile companies, he also provides legal services to the individuals including but not limited to the scope of personal rights. As he has been dealing with broad complexity of disputes, he also provides legal consultancy prior to the full on court disputes and handles settlement processes.

In addition to his litigation experience, he is also involved in both local and international arbitration proceedings including the commercial disputes as well as domain name disputes. Combining his litigation and arbitration experience with his contract interpretation skills, he offers his clients a broad scope evaluation of each dispute.

Moreover, Mr. Cakir also takes part in international registrations of the trademarks and handles the same both before World Intellectual Property Organization and local patent and trademark offices, providing thorough legal advice during the preparation of applications and pursuing the registration processes.

Along with his dispute resolution experience, he has been involved in due diligence processes of Mergers & Acquisitions in a litigation perspective by providing a detailed forecast regarding the potential outcomes of the ongoing disputes including the financial analysis and impacts of the ongoing case files.