Graduated from Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law in 2013, Ali Taşar preferred to have an internship in Criminal Law and continued to his career in Criminal Law after completing his internship on November 2014. He has been working in areas such as the crimes that have been committed on mass media such as TV/radio, social media and internet, crimes against a person and property which are regulated under Turkish Penal Law, forgery, crimes against Constitutional order and its functioning, crimes against the security of the government, espionage and crimes against state secrets, terror and organized crimes, offenses against life, physical integrity and sexual immunity and Press Criminal Law and Penal Procedure Law. He has been rendering services in all processes of Criminal Law related investigations and cases including conducting criminal investigations, representing and defending in prosecution processes, being present at the time of search procedures, objecting against search and arrest warrants, taking ordinary and extraordinary legal actions. In this regard, he has been in charge as a representative of many high level bureaucrats that are in victim/plaintiff position in cases and investigations against terrorist organizations which interests Turkey’s agenda closely.

In addition to Criminal Law, besides the social media-based cases and applications in which he represented various recognized politicians, journalists, academicians, businessmen etc. on matters of violation of personal rights via media organs, he has experience in various areas such as exercising the rights of reply and disavowal in Press Law and Radio-TV Law, blocking off contents on the internet, litigations of nullity, and full remedy in Administrative Law, actions of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in Law of Obligations, litigations regarding Family Law such as divorce, alimony, guardianship, division of property, litigations arising from road accidents, legal applications arising from administrative fines. Ali Taşar, who has also experience in International Private and Procedure Law, has an article published in Turkish and English language named as “International Authority of Turkish Courts in Blocking off Access to the Contents of Internet”.