Mr. Erenoglu, who has been in GSI since December 2019, has been working as a Senior Associate at GSI since July 2022. Before promoting to the Senior Associate position in July 2022, Mr. Erenoglu worked in the position of “Legal Intern” from December 2019 to August 2020, and “Associate” from August 2020 to July 2022 at GSI.


Mr. Erenoglu actively provides all kinds of legal consultancy services to many domestic and foreign clients within the body of GSI, especially in “Commercial Law”, “Arbitration Law” and “Energy Law”. In this context, Mr. Erenoglu, who has gained experience in both the project and contract management processes of the clients and the disputes that arise, is involved in the solution of the clients’ intricate transactions and problems in the pre and post-arbitration processes.


Although he is at the first stages of his professional life, Mr. Erenoglu has specialized in providing legal consultancy services to both domestic and multinational companies in the fields of Commercial Law, Arbitration Law and Energy Law and has had extensive knowledge and experience in these areas of law.