Mr. Genç currently works for GSI as an General Manager. His main roles include analyzing and implementing policies and procedures, overseeing short-term and long-term business plans and initiatives and helping in budgeting activities, ensuring that the firm runs efficiently and effectively by achieving its mission, vision and objectives. He is a member the Executive Board, Quality Compliance Board and Information Systems Board and he also assists the other board members and administrative staff with the development of long-run and annual plans, and with the evaluation and reporting of progress of these plans.

Mr. Genç monitors all projects and prepares schedules of all work within required timeframe and coordinates with managers to evaluate all approvals. He administers everyday operations and provides support to all operations projects and supervises all multifunctional project teams and manages financial and administrative activities.

Mr. Genç is also responsible for the Human Resources procedures and objectives that will provide an employee oriented, high performance culture in the Firm that emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity and high standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. He ensures efficient design and delivery of all HR policies and ensures that they are in line with the Firm’s practices. He coordinates and implements of services, policies, and programs through Human Resources and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.

Before he was promoted to General Manager position, he served as an Assistant Manager for two years. He was responsible for facilitating the efficient functioning of the office through a range of administrative, clerical, financial and managerial tasks. He supported the company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising the staff. By coordinating the office and related activities, including developing and supervising programs, he provided a platform for the maximum utilization of services and equipment.