Member of Istanbul Bar and union of Turkish Bar Associations, Abdurrahman Sacid Göksu is a trial lawyer performs works in the areas of Labor Law, Media Law, Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, Intellectual Property Law and Civil Law. He provides legal services to the reputable companies and holdings in various areas such as media, clothing, energy, pharmaceutical and construction. Besides his experience in dispute resolution, he has been involved in the procedures of expropriation, mergers and acquisitions with regards to the assessments of dispute resolutions.

He has been highly involved in day to day operations of his clients’ dispute resolution processes by providing a unique perspective and alternative options. Along with the daily dispute settlement process of the clients, he offers alternative options by providing a legal perspective. In addition to representing reputable companies before the courts, he also provides legal services to the private individual’s including but not limited to the scope of personal as he has been dealing with broad complexity of disputes and also, provides legal consultancy prior to the full on court disputes and handles settlement process.