GSI runs comprehensive summer and legal internship programs for talented and ambitious students and graduates. Since interns are considered for more senior positions depending on their performance, we pay utmost attention to our internship programs.

As history proves, there is a pave of opportunity from summer internship to partnership at GSI. In that sense, internship period of all types constitutes our largest recruitment fair and process.

We therefore aim to outreach the most promising students and graduates of reputable universities.

Also known as Legal Internship or Trainee Associate Program, it is a one-year trainee position offered for promising law graduates with talent and ambition. On the contrary to the general notion, legal interns occupy very significant positions in GSI system and they get included in the actual and substantial legal works, by the virtue of having a strong paralegal team that undertakes most of the non-legal and more administrative works.

It is designed for all law students those intend to get a real-work experience while studying. Law students can apply throughout the year for this internship which aims to enable students to get acquainted with the opportunities and challenges of their prospective profession and professional culture. The hours and duration of this program are flexibly determined for each student.

Summer internship program runs throughout the summer in one-month or three-month sessions depending on availability and needs. It gives the students a chance to get to know our firm in terms of culture and comprehension, while gives GSI a chance to observe promising talents for future recruitments.